Planter Oval Heraldry (Size D 83 x H 40 cm)



Capi Lux Heraldry, an eye-catching design with a diamond finish. Beautiful colors from high quality dyes. Don't hesitate to decorate your plants with lux heraldry pots to make them more eye-catching and unique in design. that anyone who sees it must be fascinated

Code BSCI 842 Size W 23 x L 83 x H 40 cm

▪ Indoorpots
▪ Dutch design style
▪ Suitable for all families
▪ In the basin, there is a plastic basin base to prevent the roots from soaking in water until the roots decay.
▪ It is suitable for internal work that is easy to maintain and provides protection under the tank when moving.
▪ Handmade.
▪ There is no drain hole in the pot, which can not keep 100% water.

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