M S Natural Design was established in 2004 a year that marked than 10 years of continuous growth of the home furnishing business. We are the only distributor in Thailand under the 4SO outdoor brand. M S Natural Design is well aware of the needs of customers and the importance of convenience. We have high standards regarding the materials used and thus our products adapted well to your needs. The inspiration for our work is "We want to make home a happy place." Moreover, our furniture is also resistant to chemical exposure and UV radiation so that your favorite sofa or desk can be used for many years and endure any climate.M S Natural Design encourages family members to spend more time together whether eating at home on the dining table or spending the holidays on the favorite sun lounger by the pool. Napping in the beautiful garden on the special furniture leaves a wonderful feeling of being at home which is now becoming more and more popular in modern lifestyle. M S Natural Design believes every family can use every part of the house perfectly by for example relaxing outdoors during the day or enjoy the flawless breeze outside in the evening.

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For more than a decade, M S Natural Design offers only the best furniture with distinctive features, creating an ideal solution for our customers. We are the only brand in the world that guarantees the use of materials. Moreover, our furniture is also resistant to chemical exposure and UV radiation so that your favorite sofa or desk can be used for many years and endure any climate.


M S Natural Design selects and carries out every step of the material selection and manufacturing process to fulfill our customer’s highest standards. This carefully controlled process offers both comfort and quality that pays attention to support the body for true relaxation.

We are also aware of the modern design, but still, retain the original identity in order to help customer decorate the house both inside and outside beautifully. Turn your home and garden to be a tasteful private space carrying warmth and style equipped with unique features.