Mari-Sol dining table - White base


Brand : VONDOM


Mari-Sol Table - White Base by Eugeni Quitllet
base coated with epoxy baked painting. Matvh with HPL tabletops are made out of paper layers agglutinated with termoset resins of Melamine-Formaldhyde on the surface and Phenol-Formaldehyde inside. Everything es pressed at high temperature and pressure. Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
this is a table that combines technology in its function with sensuality in its shape. The answer for adorning terraces around the world.


66108B_7101A   Dining table ceramic table top - White base
                               Size W69 x L69 cm.

65016_5001       Table legs - White base
                               Size Ø80 x H 73 cm.

 Materials  :  Aluminium frame, Ceramic

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